Reasons to Why You Should Visit Jacksonville

Do you love being close to water? If “yes”, then Jacksonville is just the place for you. From the majestic St. Johns River to the Atlantic Ocean, from the Intracoastal Waterway to marshes and lakes— Jacksonville is a natural water-wonderland.  From the highly praise-worthy food scene to buzzing neighborhoods, magnificent architecture, awesome art and design galleries, and glorious beaches, have given Jacksonville; the title, “next San Francisco or Portland.” The time to visit Jacksonville is now. Here are nine reasons why.

Splendid Restros: Look around you in Jacksonville, and you’ll see the new and exciting changes taking place in terms of the eating scene. For example Tom Gray’s Moxie Kitchen and Cocktails, has adopted a concept in which everything in the restaurant, even the hardwood paneling and glass chandeliers, are purchased locally. And Black Sheep Restaurant is gaining a reputation for innovation on its classics, such as fried green tomato BLT, Black Hog Farm chicken and dumplings (sliced chicken served over gnocchi).

The Glorious White Beaches: Atlantic Beach, being a vintage beach town, is both, very casual and is a pleasant relaxing spot for surfers. Decked with trendy shops and restaurants, at the Town Center; is very popular for people with families. Neptune Beach is a popular beach for the families with the southern-most section being the trendy Jacksonville Beach. Beach is a haven for fishers with its fishing pier and summer moonlight movie series for movie-lovers.

Surfer’s Up: If you love surfing, Jacksonville is just the place. In Jacksonville, during summer, the sea is perfect, an environment for new surfers to learn the sport and surf along with the waves.

Let’s Go Fishing: The St. Johns River is famed for its area angling, which offers world-class fishing for a variety of species. Large-mouth bass angling is a splendid experience, especially in the freshwater parts of the St. Johns, in the south of downtown Jacksonville. In fact, all the larger fresh-water creeks which empty into the river are jammed with bass and pan-fish, especially, bluegills, sunfish, crappies, and catfish. Moreover, Striped bass and hybrid strippers are also found in spring holes emptying into the St. Johns River.

Let’s Play Baseball: Jacksonville is home to 8 well-known teams, among which is the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL football team. But the most fun one you could have at any sports event is the sunny afternoon baseball game played by the Jacksonville Suns, the affiliate of the Miami Marlins. The sport


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