Top Five Places to Eat in New York

In New York, you might end up spending a lot every day, running down, after something new to eat. We can’t really let you do go through all that, can we now? Well, to make things easy for you, we’ll give you a list of top restaurants with marvelous cuisines, both new and old. When you’re in doubt, you can try these. After all, we care for your Trip and desire to give you the best of your trips.

Mission Chinese Food

Once a scrappy eatery on Orchard Street has now grown up to be a two-storied Lower East Side restaurant, with a well-equipped pizza oven, a major rib cart, and with a much extensive menu. The restaurant is famed for its Kung Pao Pastrami, The Thrice-cooked Bacon and Duck Baked in Clay.

Mission Chinese Food


The Dutch

Over the past 5 years, The Dutch has become an exemplary American restaurant that chef Andrew Carmellini and his partners, Josh Pickard and Luke Ostrom; sought to bring to mind, when it opened. The restaurant is a great choice when it comes to steak, burger, or even oysters. The menu always consists of, abundant choices on seafood options, as well as different pastas.

The Dutch

Murray’s Bagels

One of the greatest places where you can get bagels is Murray’s Bagels. A exotically arranged platter which includes mouth-watering, hand-sliced Salmon, a large fillet of Whitefish, Smoked Sable or Baked Salmon. You can choose from the three homemade cream cheeses, tomatoes, cucumbers, capers, olives, Bermuda onions and a range of hand-rolled Murray’s Bagels.

Murray's Bagels

John’s Pizzeria

One of the greatest places for pizza is John’s Pizzeria, located on 278 Bleecker Street, New York NY 10014. The Restaurant is famed for its unique characteristics. All pizzas are made in coal-fired brick ovens and like a cast-iron pan, the ovens season with age. Thus, no two pizzas found same. The coal-fired ovens burn at 800 degrees and have no thermostats so as to control the heat. The ovens are functioned by their employees who have undergone several months of extensive training. They pride themselves on their fresh ingredients and unmatched recipes, making their pizzas so unique that there’s no second to it.

John's Pizzeria

Clinton Street Baking Co.

From cakes to biscuits, No one can beat Clinton. Their morning menu is served throughout the week. They pride themselves in using fresh ingredients for baking and making other food products. The Breakfast menu consists of diverse cuisines from House Granola to Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

Clinton Street Baking Co.

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