Top Four Outdoor Activities in Chicago

Chicago is the 3rd largest urban market in the United States of America, and it is increasingly becoming known as being home for energetic and fitness-oriented people who like traveling to a city that allows them to tail their outdoor passions and activities.

Here Are 4 Outdoor Activities You Should In Chicago

I. Get yourself on the Beach, play volleyball, or catch a tan and a splash in Lake Michigan

Summer in Chicago is known for only 2 things: Either you spend as much time as you can; out in the sun or hit to the summer music festivals. With its sandy lakefront places to visit which dot Chicago’s eastern edge, one has hardly any reason but to wear a swim-suit and soak up in the sun. They’re majorly open for three months or more, so; don’t waste time rather get yourself going, the beaches and the Lake Michigan are beckoning.

II. Chicago Summer Music Fiestas

Chicago Summer Music Fiestas

While temperature in Chicago keeps on rising, the weekends become more charming. Music flows from the city’s streets; and cheering voices of the youth resound in the air. You know it’s the Summer Music Festivals. Here are some of the must-visit music fiestas:

1.Do Division, the street bash booked by Empty Bottle and Subterranean, lash out the summer fiesta season all through the 1st weekend of the month of June
2. Two Brothers Summer Festival, every year during the summer months, the Two Brothers Brewing Company arranges a weekend, full of beer and music, which they do to raise money for charity.

III. Beer Festivals

Beer Festivals

Although we love grabbing a drink at a local bar or selecting from a selection at a liquor store, beer fiestas offer you, the opportunity, where you can try out some new things, with a group/groups of like-minded drinkers. Here are some well known Beer Festivals in Chicago, which takes you outdoor:
1. Naperville Ale Fest, more than 200 exclusive American craft beers with live music and awesome food from some of Naperville’s favorite restros and food trucks, the fiesta brings a sparkle to your eyes. With Naperville as the milieu, the fest is an ideal setting you’d want to experience, from the world of brewed beer has to present.
2. Chicago Craft Beer Festival,the festival gives you the opportunity to unleash your inner sophisticate, as you enjoy more than 70 local/regional and/or national craft beers, straight from the breweries of 35 brewers.

IV. Deer Grove- Haven For Trail Runners

Deer Grove- Haven For Trail Runners

The Deer Grove Forest Preserve offers one of the best trail-running opportunities, especially in Chicago’s northern suburbs. The Preserve, consists of about 10 miles of off-road trails, added to several miles of lined paths. Some people go so far as to call this magnificent forest reserve as “Palos North,” in reference to Palos, which has a bigger trail in the southwestern suburbs. For the north suburban runners, The Deer Grove Forest Preserve, is unquestionably a gem.


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