Top Ten things to do in Jacksonville

Located in the northeastern part of Florida, at the meeting point of St. john’s River & The Atlantic Ocean; Jacksonville is an energetic city bound to captivate its visitors in its web of a dream-like trance. From the romantic river views, and magnificent parks, to the must-visit useums and exclusive tours, Jacksonville, FL, is a fun-filled weekend destination, for both; couples and families. Located in the northeastern part of Florida, at the meeting point of St. john’s River & The Atlantic Ocean; Jacksonville is an energetic city bound to captivate its visitors in its web of a dream-like trance. From the romantic river views, and magnificent parks, to the must-visit museums and exclusive tours, Jacksonville, FL, is a fun-filled weekend destination, for both; couples and families.

Here Are Top 10 Things to Do In Jacksonville

1. To Walk through Gardens & Art- Works, Visit the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens

To Walk through Gardens & Art- Works, Visit the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens 

The Garden & Museum opened in the year 1961, on the very grounds where the abode of Arthur and Ninah Cummer once was situated. Housed within numerous buildings belonging to the 20th century, the collection of the Cummer Museum is inclusive of more than 6000 pieces of artwork, which dates back from 2,100 B.C. to the present century. Amid the art collection, are; both, American and European paintings, along with an extensive compilation of Meissen porcelain.

2. Southbank River-walk

Southbank River-walk

Downtown Jacksonville’s North and South banks overlook the St. Johns River, and are encircled by skyscrapers that have a modern, city vibe mingled with a relaxed ambiance. The Southbank Riverwalk is a one by four mile walkway that winds along the river, which offers a great place to either, hike or to sit on benches; and imbibe the beauty of the river, as if enchanted by a spell.

3. MOSH! The Museum of Science and History

 MOSH! The Museum of Science and History 

The museum prides itself in a variety of exceptional permanent and provisional exhibits that focus on scientific development and local history of Jacksonville. The Museum is home to the Bryan-Gooding Planetarium, which is one of the biggest single-lens digital dome-planetariums in the U.S. From live star shows to cosmic concerts, to productions at Alexander Brest Space Science Theater,which makes it the haven for science geeks.

4. Riverside Avondale

Riverside Avondale 

Riverside Avondale is famed for the remarkable and historic shopping places. Most of the shops are owned locally and making the neighborhood prosperous. Along with its astounding shopping areas, the historic neighborhood is dotted with a number of wonderful restaurants and bars.

5. The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens 

The zoo consists over 2,000 exotic and rare species of fauna; with above 1,000 different species of flora, which certainly has something to provide, for everyone.  The zoo also presents a vast selection of interactive as well as educational knowledge for its visitors.

6. EcoMotion Tours

EcoMotion Tours

EcoMotion Tours provides expert walking tours on the gorgeous Kingsley Plantation field; which is nestled in the beautiful strip of land, between Amelia Island and Jacksonville. The plantation consists of a centuries-old Spanish colonial estate. The historic site is surrounded by lush forests and majestic sand dunes along with lavish ocean views.

7. Moxie Kitchen + Cocktails

Moxie Kitchen Cocktails

The restaurant located on the Big Island Drive, that serves American cuisine. The restaurant is owned by Chef Tom Gray, serves a contemporary menu of American cuisine made from carefully found local ingredients, including lip smacking favorites like meatloaf and filet mignon.

8. The Jax Ale Trail

The Jax Ale Trail

The Jax Ale Trail offers the beer lovers, a only one of its kind escapade with self-guided tours of the craft breweries within the city.

9. Salt Life Food Shack

Salt Life Food Shack

Created to resonate with the relaxing beach lifestyle of the Jacksonville Beach, Salt Life Food Shack is the ‘just the thing’ place to go down t, either to grab a snack or a drink.


10. Yes You Canvas

Yes You Canvas

The ‘bring wine and paint’ studio, Yes You Canvas is a unique place to visit, which offers an exclusive and enjoyable way of learning how to paint; and meeting new people. All you’ve got to do is, choose and book a class, bring a bottle of wine; and grab yourself something to nibble on and amuse yourself.


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Top Four Outdoor Activities in Chicago

Chicago is the 3rd largest urban market in the United States of America, and it is increasingly becoming known as being home for energetic and fitness-oriented people who like traveling to a city that allows them to tail their outdoor passions and activities.

Here Are 4 Outdoor Activities You Should In Chicago

I. Get yourself on the Beach, play volleyball, or catch a tan and a splash in Lake Michigan

Summer in Chicago is known for only 2 things: Either you spend as much time as you can; out in the sun or hit to the summer music festivals. With its sandy lakefront places to visit which dot Chicago’s eastern edge, one has hardly any reason but to wear a swim-suit and soak up in the sun. They’re majorly open for three months or more, so; don’t waste time rather get yourself going, the beaches and the Lake Michigan are beckoning.

II. Chicago Summer Music Fiestas

Chicago Summer Music Fiestas

While temperature in Chicago keeps on rising, the weekends become more charming. Music flows from the city’s streets; and cheering voices of the youth resound in the air. You know it’s the Summer Music Festivals. Here are some of the must-visit music fiestas:

1.Do Division, the street bash booked by Empty Bottle and Subterranean, lash out the summer fiesta season all through the 1st weekend of the month of June
2. Two Brothers Summer Festival, every year during the summer months, the Two Brothers Brewing Company arranges a weekend, full of beer and music, which they do to raise money for charity.

III. Beer Festivals

Beer Festivals

Although we love grabbing a drink at a local bar or selecting from a selection at a liquor store, beer fiestas offer you, the opportunity, where you can try out some new things, with a group/groups of like-minded drinkers. Here are some well known Beer Festivals in Chicago, which takes you outdoor:
1. Naperville Ale Fest, more than 200 exclusive American craft beers with live music and awesome food from some of Naperville’s favorite restros and food trucks, the fiesta brings a sparkle to your eyes. With Naperville as the milieu, the fest is an ideal setting you’d want to experience, from the world of brewed beer has to present.
2. Chicago Craft Beer Festival,the festival gives you the opportunity to unleash your inner sophisticate, as you enjoy more than 70 local/regional and/or national craft beers, straight from the breweries of 35 brewers.

IV. Deer Grove- Haven For Trail Runners

Deer Grove- Haven For Trail Runners

The Deer Grove Forest Preserve offers one of the best trail-running opportunities, especially in Chicago’s northern suburbs. The Preserve, consists of about 10 miles of off-road trails, added to several miles of lined paths. Some people go so far as to call this magnificent forest reserve as “Palos North,” in reference to Palos, which has a bigger trail in the southwestern suburbs. For the north suburban runners, The Deer Grove Forest Preserve, is unquestionably a gem.


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Top Five Places to Eat in New York

In New York, you might end up spending a lot every day, running down, after something new to eat. We can’t really let you do go through all that, can we now? Well, to make things easy for you, we’ll give you a list of top restaurants with marvelous cuisines, both new and old. When you’re in doubt, you can try these. After all, we care for your Trip and desire to give you the best of your trips.

Mission Chinese Food

Once a scrappy eatery on Orchard Street has now grown up to be a two-storied Lower East Side restaurant, with a well-equipped pizza oven, a major rib cart, and with a much extensive menu. The restaurant is famed for its Kung Pao Pastrami, The Thrice-cooked Bacon and Duck Baked in Clay.

Mission Chinese Food


The Dutch

Over the past 5 years, The Dutch has become an exemplary American restaurant that chef Andrew Carmellini and his partners, Josh Pickard and Luke Ostrom; sought to bring to mind, when it opened. The restaurant is a great choice when it comes to steak, burger, or even oysters. The menu always consists of, abundant choices on seafood options, as well as different pastas.

The Dutch

Murray’s Bagels

One of the greatest places where you can get bagels is Murray’s Bagels. A exotically arranged platter which includes mouth-watering, hand-sliced Salmon, a large fillet of Whitefish, Smoked Sable or Baked Salmon. You can choose from the three homemade cream cheeses, tomatoes, cucumbers, capers, olives, Bermuda onions and a range of hand-rolled Murray’s Bagels.

Murray's Bagels

John’s Pizzeria

One of the greatest places for pizza is John’s Pizzeria, located on 278 Bleecker Street, New York NY 10014. The Restaurant is famed for its unique characteristics. All pizzas are made in coal-fired brick ovens and like a cast-iron pan, the ovens season with age. Thus, no two pizzas found same. The coal-fired ovens burn at 800 degrees and have no thermostats so as to control the heat. The ovens are functioned by their employees who have undergone several months of extensive training. They pride themselves on their fresh ingredients and unmatched recipes, making their pizzas so unique that there’s no second to it.

John's Pizzeria

Clinton Street Baking Co.

From cakes to biscuits, No one can beat Clinton. Their morning menu is served throughout the week. They pride themselves in using fresh ingredients for baking and making other food products. The Breakfast menu consists of diverse cuisines from House Granola to Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

Clinton Street Baking Co.

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The Best 10 places to eat in Las Vegas

What you do in Vegas stays in Vegas’ – heard about this?

Las Vegas is a city located in the US state of Nevada. The city is known for its ever-lasting nights and never ending visitors. The city entertains to over 42 million visitors annually being one of the most visited places around the world. Since there are so many people visit using American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines etc, there are some great places to dine inn and enjoy the food and drinks in the city.

Let’s take a look at the best 10 places to munch in Vegas:

  1. Andiron Steak & Sea – The Las Vegas Restaurateurs Kim Canteenwalla and Elizabeth Blau brings in this haven of savor Downtown Summerlin. Andiron specializes in any which is grilled, roasted, shucked and trimmed. The steakhouse brings to you a cuisine which would make you crave for more even if your stomach doesn’t allow you to. Andiron Steak & Sea
  1. Raku – is a Japanese Restaurant which means ‘enjoyment’. Raku is one of the most popular restaurants in Las Vegas and hence you’ll have to wait because of the demand. Everything here is cooked over a charcoal grill in small portions. If you’re in Vegas, Raku should be on top of your dine in goals.Raku Japanese Restaurant
  1. Joel Robuchon – a French Restaurant led by the so called ‘Chef of the Century’. Flanking to the MGM Grand’s casino is the luxurious dining area of Joel. Just don’t panic in case you see a celebrity sitting next to you. What this restaurant delivers is an untainted flavor of the seasonal menus.Joel Robuchon French Restaurant
  1. Bardot Brasserie – Again a French bistro, this time by Michael Mina. A dine in which would take you back in the 19th century. They serve you with the iconic French food with New and Old Wines. This modern craft kitchen will give you a glimpse of Paris. Bardot Brasserie


  1. Restaurant Guy Savoy – The man behind this multi award winning romantic restaurant is none other than Guy Savoy. Coming after the first one in Paris, the restaurant brings in the traditional presentations of French cooking. The specialties being the Caviar Room and the Foie Gras.Restaurant Guy Savoy
  1. Bouchon Bistro – Chef Thomas Keller’s French bistro is one of the highest rated restaurants in the city. Bouchon has an extensive variety of seafood, oysters and French delicacies. Breakfast here is a treat while the supper is a luxurious pleasure. If you’re going here pre book your table.Bouchon Bistro
  2. Bazaar Meat – if we speak of variety in eatables this place would serve you all. Jose Andres gives you the option to eat and select from about everything in the world and that too the scrumptious one. From the assortment of seafood to the leg of a bison everything is under your eyes.Bazaar Meat
  3. Carnevino Italian Steakhouse – located in the Palazzo Hotel this Italian luxury is a haven to be in. Mario Batali brings to you the most desirable Italian cuisine in the Strip. The riserva is aged for about 7-8 months which is not available every time and sold by the inch. There is plenty to underscore.Carnevino Italian Steakhouse
  4. MB Steak – The next generation restaurant in long legacy is MB Steak located in the Hard Rock Hotel. The brothers David and Michael have come together to release this lavish Steakhouse. Apart from an extensive food menu the restaurant specializes in diverse variety of wines and cocktails.MB Steak Restaurant
  5. Sparrow + Wolf – in the old style are this modern cooking. Chef Brian Howard has combined the ancient ways with the international flavors to produce some imaginative dishes. The menu has a variety of everything which you love to eat. Try the Bento box which will serve you with a three tier selection.Sparrow + Wolf

The Ultimate Guide of Finding a Cheap Flight & Deals on Flight Tickets

Booking a flight is often one of the most tiresome parts prior to travel! Airfare is costly and, with disparity in prices, we are often left perturbed with the thought that after we purchase the ticket(s), prices might just drop and we’d be left as the person who paid much greater sum of money for the flight, than the others. We think of ourselves, “what if I wait a little longer, and may be the prices will drop and I could book my flight cheaper!” To add on to our woe, there are multiple search engines, with multiple prices; which is very confusing. Therefore, finding the perfect deals on flight tickets for our perfect flight and our perfect trip; becomes a headache.

Here are a few tips on how to book cheap flights for your perfect and memorable trip:

  1. When You Search For Flights, Maintain Secrecy.

When you open a particular site, it drops a cookie in your browser. Based on these cookies, flight prices tend to increase when you search a particular route repeatedly. This usually is done in order to scare you; so that you book your flight lest the prices rise even higher. Therefore, when you are searching for flights, do so in incognito/private browsing mode, in order that you may be able to view the lowest price. Every time you re-open an incognito/private browser, your cookies get reset. Consequently, if you would like to start with a fresh slate for each flight search, shut all the incognito windows you’ve opened. Open a new one in order that you are able to find cheap flight.

  1. Use Multiple Search Engines.

Do not depend upon a single search engine, since no search engine(s) is/are constantly perfect. Due to this, you might have to use a combination of (multiple) search engines in order that you do not miss any of the results.

  1. You Have To Identify The Cheapest Time.

Early morning flights are usually cheaper than the evening ones. Therefore, it is for your own good, that you should fly early.

  1. Identify The Cheapest Day.

While numerous ideas exist around booking on a particular day, for example; on a Tuesday, in order that you may save money; the reality is that there is no steady fact to precisely state which day(s) is/ are cheapest in order to fly. Usually, it is cheaper to fly on a weekday, than on a weekend. However, this isn’t always the case. The best strategy you could take is that you dig up a swift illustration of the prices for the whole month so that you can see which day(s) are the cheapest for your explicit route.

  1. If You Know Where You Want To go, Why wait?

As your date of departure approaches, airline tickets hardly get cheaper, particularly if you require to fly on a definite date. Budget airlines normally offer low rates as baseline price, and by the time these tickets are sold, the remaining ones boost in terms of cost. If you’re aware when and where you want to go, it is advisable that you do not wait for an unidentified sale. Mostly, your major savings come from your booking far ahead of time.

The age of cheap travel is now over, and the flight might represent the biggest part of your trip expenses, finding that hidden deals on flight tickets is as important as finding the right place to go, the right tourism company to hire, the right goods to carry, or even the right place where you can stay. If a flight is too expensive, you cannot go


Reasons to Why You Should Visit Jacksonville

Do you love being close to water? If “yes”, then Jacksonville is just the place for you. From the majestic St. Johns River to the Atlantic Ocean, from the Intracoastal Waterway to marshes and lakes— Jacksonville is a natural water-wonderland.  From the highly praise-worthy food scene to buzzing neighborhoods, magnificent architecture, awesome art and design galleries, and glorious beaches, have given Jacksonville; the title, “next San Francisco or Portland.” The time to visit Jacksonville is now. Here are nine reasons why.

Splendid Restros: Look around you in Jacksonville, and you’ll see the new and exciting changes taking place in terms of the eating scene. For example Tom Gray’s Moxie Kitchen and Cocktails, has adopted a concept in which everything in the restaurant, even the hardwood paneling and glass chandeliers, are purchased locally. And Black Sheep Restaurant is gaining a reputation for innovation on its classics, such as fried green tomato BLT, Black Hog Farm chicken and dumplings (sliced chicken served over gnocchi).

The Glorious White Beaches: Atlantic Beach, being a vintage beach town, is both, very casual and is a pleasant relaxing spot for surfers. Decked with trendy shops and restaurants, at the Town Center; is very popular for people with families. Neptune Beach is a popular beach for the families with the southern-most section being the trendy Jacksonville Beach. Beach is a haven for fishers with its fishing pier and summer moonlight movie series for movie-lovers.

Surfer’s Up: If you love surfing, Jacksonville is just the place. In Jacksonville, during summer, the sea is perfect, an environment for new surfers to learn the sport and surf along with the waves.

Let’s Go Fishing: The St. Johns River is famed for its area angling, which offers world-class fishing for a variety of species. Large-mouth bass angling is a splendid experience, especially in the freshwater parts of the St. Johns, in the south of downtown Jacksonville. In fact, all the larger fresh-water creeks which empty into the river are jammed with bass and pan-fish, especially, bluegills, sunfish, crappies, and catfish. Moreover, Striped bass and hybrid strippers are also found in spring holes emptying into the St. Johns River.

Let’s Play Baseball: Jacksonville is home to 8 well-known teams, among which is the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL football team. But the most fun one you could have at any sports event is the sunny afternoon baseball game played by the Jacksonville Suns, the affiliate of the Miami Marlins. The sport

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